Welcome to UHL-Menus, the producer of hand-made menus!

UHL is a manufacturer for restaurant menus, individually producing hand-made menus with greatest possible care on an international level.

We are the producer of menus who will fulfil all your requirements

Back in 1982 we have specialised in the production of menus. We tinkered, researched and developed – today clients all over the world can buy high-quality UHL-menus that meet the specific requirements of the catering and hotel industry. Menus created by UHL-menus are water-restistant, fat-resistant and can be cleaned easily, so that you will be proud handing them out to your guests – also after they have been in use for a long time already.

As we create our menus by hand and with great care in Austria, we can do everything to meet our clients’ wishes. You can choose from a wide range of different formats, materials, systems, colours and page numbers. We can also print logos, emblems and further details – no matter how individual our clients’ requirements are, we will provide them with individual solutions and high-quality menus.

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Die neue Systementwicklung aus dem Hause UHL. Das besonders ästhetisch wirkende Wechselsystem Magic in Kombination…
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UHL menus was founded more than 35 years ago. innovation and commitment made our menus what they are today: long-lasting, appealing and extraordinary. because culinary pleasure starts before the appetizers.

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