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A table display is ideal for drawing guests’ attention to current or special offers in a targeted and charming way. Table displays are eye-catching and attract attention and curiosity. Table displays are also a practical way for you as a restaurateur or hotelier to respond quickly to offers. All you have to do is change the insert sheet. Thanks to the practical magnetic strip or slit, this can be implemented very easily and quickly with UHL table displays.

Table display from UHL Menu

With UHL-Menu you have the choice between classic table stands and stylish cubes. Our table stands are made of refined cardboard and are available in many different colors. The silent seller in rectangular format is very robust and suitable for daily use in the long term thanks to its closed edge areas, crease-resistant rim and easy-care surface. The practical slit makes it possible to change offer sheets quickly. The UHL Cube with two or four slide-in options is a real highlight in the restaurant or at the bar thanks to its unusual appearance. This is a cube with a rectangular or square basic shape, which is available in various heights and many colors. Magnetic rails on the side edges make it easy to change papers. Hard-wearing, easy-care linen fabric is used as the surface material, while closed edges provide additional robustness. Robust reserved signs from UHL-Menus offer you the opportunity to mark tables as reserved in a sophisticated way

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Which version of the table display is best for you? We will be happy to find out together with you in a non-binding consultation. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are familiar with the requirements of the catering industry and can respond to your individual wishes. Of course, we will also be happy to send you a sample of your desired table display.

Advantages of UHL table stands

UHL as a quality feature

Our table displays are made exclusively from high-quality materials. Attention is effectively focused on the minimalist design and the high-quality feel and therefore also on your offer or message. Our name stands behind all our products and with it the standards we set for quality and workmanship. By choosing our UHL table stands, you also adopt these valued values and properties.


UHL table displays attract attention, arouse curiosity and convey your message as a silent salesperson. They elegantly demonstrate that there is a sense of style and a well thought-out concept behind your location. Our table displays differ from conventional table displays not only in terms of quality and design. We produce table displays that do justice to their tasks and purpose. UHL table displays are designed to catch the eye, provide information and then blend in beautifully with the surroundings to provide space for food, drinks and good conversation.


Our table displays help guests and waiters to find their way around a café, restaurant, hotel or event. Reservations, table numbers, information and your offer are communicated quickly and easily. This saves your staff and guests time and effort – the ideal prerequisite for a pleasant event.

Flexible displays

With our table displays, you can change your offer sheets quickly and flexibly.
On the vertical side edges of the UHL reserved signs and the UHL cubes there are narrow, linen-covered magnetic strips that allow the sheets to be conveniently exchanged and fixed in place. The classic table stands have two insertion options and can therefore be viewed from two sides.

High quality material

Only high-quality, durable materials are used in the production of UHL’s table displays. We use refined cardboard, wood and hard-wearing linen to design individual table displays that will last you a long time thanks to their closed edges, crease-resistant edges and easy-care surfaces.

Reduced design

We opted for a minimalist design when creating our UHL table stands. This minimalist aesthetic is intended to support the function of the table displays and draw the viewer’s attention to the message displayed.

Formats & variety

Choose between UHL table stands, UHL cubes or UHL reserved signs in various materials according to your needs and preferences. A wide range of different colors is available for each model.

The UHL Cube is also available in a rectangular or square shape and in your desired height. It can be fitted with inserts from all four sides.

Table displays in the standard DIN formats A4, A5 and A6 are particularly popular and practical, as DIN formats can also be used for the inserts. This eliminates the need to cut the paper or cardboard and saves you a lot of time and effort.

The material used here is often acrylic, and the shapes vary. Of course, the DIN formats can also be produced with other materials such as cardboard.


Our models are also available with embossing on request. This gives the table displays a high-quality look, character and recognition value.

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What, where, how?

Inform table displays

In many industries, table displays are an ideal means of presenting special or additional services and offers that are limited to a certain period of time.

However, when we talk about table displays at UHL, we are referring to articles for the hospitality industry – i.e. for restaurants, bars, hotels or catering businesses. With our products, you can present your company at the table, in the lobby, at the bar or in guest rooms in a charming and individual way.

Our table displays are used to show reservations, advertise special food and drinks or – with the “Cube” model, for example – to list special menus.

for restaurants and hotels

Table displays for the catering trade

Attractive and robust table displays are part of the basic equipment in the catering trade, regardless of the type, in order to explicitly advertise special offers and promotions.

They are available in numerous different formats, colors and materials for tables and counters. Table displays immediately catch the eye of every newly arrived guest, so you can be sure that they will be looked at as soon as they arrive.

Present your current menu of the day, exquisite starters or desserts that are not on your normal menu, a sparkling cocktail or the wine of the week – an elegant table display for the catering trade with a beautifully and lovingly designed insert will certainly help to increase sales.

In this segment, UHL offers an exclusive range of products that impress with their individual shape and design, not only in upmarket restaurants.

You have a huge selection to choose from, especially when it comes to colors and the options for combining them. At UHL, you are sure to find a design that fits in perfectly with the ambience of your bar or restaurant.

Table displays for hotels

The most obvious place for a table display in the hotel industry is the reception counter at the front desk, because this is where every guest comes at least once in the first few moments of their stay, but also repeatedly later on.

High-quality stand design and the right place at reception are sure to attract the attention of all visitors and achieve the desired effect of conveying the advertising message appropriately.

The seating areas with side tables in the lobby, the counter at the bar, the restaurant with its tables and even the sanitary facilities, which are accessible to all guests, offer another option.

There are also plenty of opportunities in the rooms and suites to draw your guests’ attention to exclusive offers or provide special tips and advice.

Depending on the design of the display stands, you can fill them with individual sheets, brochures, flyers or business cards.

The table displays from UHL are not only suitable for gastronomic areas such as restaurants or hotel bars, but also for reception areas and guest rooms.

If you value the quality of your home and its ambience, you will certainly not find it difficult to choose table displays from UHL, because our products clearly stand out from the rest of the market thanks to constant innovation and the utmost care in the production processes.

in various materials

Wooden table stand

Wood is a very special material. It radiates warmth and naturalness, feels good to the touch and is very robust and hard-wearing for a long time, even with daily use.

Accordingly, wooden table displays are a special eye-catcher. The simplest models usually consist of a cuboid or cube-shaped block into which one or more slots are milled to accommodate the inserts.

Other models are combined with materials such as plastic film in order to present the offers and provide better protection against moisture or dirt in the event of frequent use.

It is relatively common to see wooden stands together with a chalkboard. Some of these are pre-labeled with titles such as “Menu”, “Reserved” or “Regulars’ table” and can be filled in quickly and easily with current offers or times. They go well with more rustic surroundings.

Stands designed as book stands or small artist’s easels are original and individual. They are mostly used in restaurants that only serve a small, select menu that changes daily.

Acrylic table stand

Simple and elegant, practical and easy to clean, robust and hard-wearing – acrylic table displays are true all-rounders. As they generally do not require a frame or other decorative or functional elements, you have a completely free hand in designing the inlays.

Whether you want them to be romantic, modern, playful or funny is entirely up to you. The variety of shapes is also almost unbeatable with acrylic displays – thanks to the possibilities offered by the manufacturing process. They are available in L, T and Y shapes, as roof, triangular or square displays in numerous sizes, including DIN formats for the corresponding inserts.

With acrylic table displays, you can impressively present your advertising message everywhere and positively influence the purchasing decisions of your guests and customers. A big plus point is that they are easy to clean, which is why acrylic stands are particularly recommended for catering establishments where things often “get busy”. Beverage stains or fingerprints can be easily removed with water and a commercially available cleaning agent.

These displays can also be found at trade fairs and exhibitions, in public facilities, hotels and many other places. Incidentally, transparent acrylic is UV-resistant and therefore particularly durable.

and formats

Table displays in the standard DIN formats A4, A5 and A6 are particularly popular and practical, as DIN formats can also be used for the inserts. This eliminates the need to cut the paper or cardboard and saves you a lot of time and effort.

Acrylic is often used as the material here, and the shapes vary (see the text article “Acrylic table displays”). Of course, the DIN formats can also be produced with other materials such as cardboard.

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