About UHL – The Art of Menu

UHL-Menus was founded in 1982 and has specialized on food and wine menus from the beginning. Research and development of materials and products, but also permanent innovation of processing technologies, is what distinguishes us.

Our philosophy

UHL-Menus is a specialist on food and wine menus. Our unique products stand above the rest on the market. Quality and longevity of our products are the value of UHL. This is supported by both, commitment and vision through research and development of materials and products. Permanent innovation of processing technologies guarantee the same high standard in quality.

Our menus

The products of UHL-Menus come with many qualities. They are extremely robust and they are available in numerous formats, colours and materials. Because of that wide range of possibilities, your menus reflect your own individual style. Furthermore, your menus can be embossed with your personal logo.

Our menus are adapted to everyday life of the gastronomy and hotel business and thus, they are water and grease resilient. They are an investment in joy for many years.

Our history

1982: Foundation of the company UHL-Menus
1987: Introduction to the Swiss market
1989: Construction of the first production building in Salzburg
1990: Foundation of an affiliated company in Strasbourg, France
1992: Foundation of an affiliated company in Mannheim, Germany
1995: Construction of a bigger production building in Langenwang
1998: Foundation of sales company in Toronto, Canada
2013: Construction of the new production building


These customers trust in UHL-Menus

The excellent quality of menus from UHL are well known because many international gastronomers hoteliers trust in our products. Discover a selection of customers from UHL-Menus.
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