All materials

We stock a wide range of materials that allow us to tailor the design of our cards to the needs and ideas of our customers.

Cardboard series

The cardboard series can be used for both the cover and the inner part of most of our card models, but for some models – especially for our bound card models Standard, Leading Light and Leading – the inner part must be made from the cardboard series. We currently have over 15 different colors. The base is a high-quality invercoat, which is then cellophaned so that the surface can be cleaned with a damp cloth.


UHL Manufaktur has been using linen as a cover material for many years and it is one of the classic binding materials. We offer the material in three qualities (Buckram Premium = matt colors, Metallica = with an additional, special coating for a glossy effect, Senator = coarse structure and natural colors, which gives a natural look) and a total of almost 30 different colors. The fabric has a rather rough surface in terms of feel, but has proven itself very well due to its excellent properties even under heavy use (in outdoor areas such as beer gardens or in the area of thermal spa and pool catering).

Genuine leather & imitation leather

In terms of look and feel, genuine leather is still one of the classics from our manufactory and always sets an example in terms of value and durability. Due to the high stability it gives the cards, it is of course particularly suitable for voluminous wine lists, but also high-quality menus. We offer five different colors of cowhide as standard, 2 colors of buffalo leather and many more on request.

We offer the classic faux leather in various color tones, almost all with a choice of matt or glossy look. The material harmonizes very well visually with the genuine leather, which is why we recommend it for the inner part of the models in the genuine leather series, as it is more attractively priced.

Synthetic material

In this group we have combined many different materials, all of which are made of 100% polyurethane and therefore cannot be described as artificial leather. These materials are characterized by different structures, looks and haptics. It goes without saying that these materials are also grease and water repellent, making them easy to clean in everyday catering environments.