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What tips and tricks should you know regarding menus? Are the any new models or materials? At what trade fairs can you meet us? You can find all news about the world of menus here.

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Quality since 1982

UHL-Menus was founded more than 30 years ago. Innovation and commitment made our menus to what they are today: durable, appealing and extraordinary. Delight does not only begin with the starters.

About us

Our range of high-quality menus

Hardback menus
from € 31
ab € 31

The new system development from UHL. The especially aesthetic slot system Magic in combination with...

Hardback menus
from € 19.50
ab € 19.50

The Leading menu is the masterpiece from the UHL factory: High precision during the manufacturing process and...

Flexible menus
from € 32
ab € 32

This menu is the latest fashion: It combines a reduced and modern style with our functional push buttons. You...

Flexible menus
from € 30
ab € 30

The Premium version of the springback menu features only the best materials. All the edges are seald and...

from € 22
ab € 22

Simple, practical and elegant - our 1-page version of our magnetic menus. At a glance you will present your...

Hardback menus
from € 28
ab € 28

Vertical magnetic bars on the left edge of the inner pages are used for attaching the sheets of paper and...

Flexible menus
from € 16
ab € 16

This model is both practical and robust. The content can be changed quickly and easily through screws in the...

Tischaufsteller aus Leinen in verschiedenen Farben
Table stands
from € 25
ab € 25

The new, stylish table stands are the highlight on your tables or at the bar! Depeding on your preference, we...

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