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We attach great importance to ensuring that our cards take on and represent the individual character of your restaurant, café, pub or bar. Every UHL drinks menu should represent your values and interests with quality and design and provide you and your customers with a positive experience.

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Design and order your desired UHL drinks menu directly or request a sample copy to test the effect of the drinks menu on site. Our experts will be happy to help you with this.

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Advantages of the Uhl drinks menu

UHL as a quality feature

A high-quality look and feel are characteristics of our UHL beverage cards that we consider a prerequisite for a functioning card. We would like to convince you and your customers to recognize good quality as a feature and characteristic of your restaurant.

A drinks menu is always something special, as it is dedicated solely and entirely to drinks. You have the opportunity to present your range of drinks in such a way that your individual character and quality standards are visible and perceptible to your customers.

Individual character

We appreciate the impact of beverage menus that present your offer in the best possible way – when guests recognize the character of your restaurant and the menu becomes an important part of their experience with you. A UHL drinks menu should combine style and high quality. Design your drinks menu according to your own ideas and requirements to create the perfect UHL drinks menu with your own personal touch.

Desire to order

UHL drinks menus are designed to whet your guests’ appetite for more. The look and feel of the cards represent the quality of your drinks and subconsciously create a positive impression on your guests.

High quality material

Our drinks menus are made exclusively from high-quality materials, and we pay particular attention to the durability and resistance of the cards. You can choose from a wide range of design options that determine the character and effect of your UHL drinks menu. You can choose between materials such as wood, leather or linen. In addition to the visual characteristics of the high-quality material, the quality of the feel can also be felt. Choose the ideal material that meets your needs and requirements.

Design claim

We have made high-quality design a standard that we set for our manufactory. Our drinks menus can only work in any catering concept if the look, feel and function work together. With our various card models, we put a tick under the optimum basic requirements and give you the opportunity to add your own individual character to the models with our wide range of design options.

Flexible Karten

Many of our drinks menus allow you to change the menu effortlessly so that you can react flexibly and spontaneously. Inserts are attached in such a way that you can change them quickly and easily. There are also different options for fastening: press studs, screws or sleeves. And entire interior parts can also be replaced on certain models.

Formats & Systems

We offer you the opportunity to choose from our various card types, formats and systems. The different properties bring corresponding advantages and give your menu additional character. You can choose between portrait or landscape format, large or small, bound or flexible, hard or soft cover. Our experts will be happy to advise you so that you can make the ideal choice for you.

Logo embossing

Individual embossing gives your drinks menus a high-quality touch. Lettering and logos are often used here and are ideal for this purpose. This makes your UHL card unique, part of your gastronomy concept and ensures recognition value. What’s more: if you order 25 pieces, the logo embossing is already included.


Material, format, design

Our experts will be happy to advise you on the best choice of material and format. Your knowledge of the different properties of the materials can be a great help when making decisions.

Price, design and shipping

If you have any questions about price, design or shipping, please contact our team for advice. They are available to provide you with advice and answers.


Delivery and shipping

Production times and delivery times for our products are around three to four weeks from order or order approval, but these can be reduced on request. Our products are currently shipped with DPD.

Delivery costs depend on scope of delivery and destination. The minimum amount for Austria and Germany is €20 for packaging and shipping.

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The contents of a drinks menu

Design tips for the pages

A high-quality UHL drinks menu creates a basis that is ideally supplemented with clean and clearly formatted content. There are various starting points for optimizing your card:

  • Insert sheets should always be made of high-quality paper, especially if the paper can be felt by your guests. For complex prints, it is best to use the services of a print shop.
  • Have your page templates created by professional graphic designers. Ideally, you will receive a template that you can adapt at any time using a program.
  • Opt for a calm and minimalist design. Avoid decorative elements and embellishments that overload the room.
  • Choose a font that suits your restaurant or hotel concept. Above all, a legible font is important. You can also choose different fonts for headings and continuous text or descriptions. It is best to test the effect of your choice in advance with a test print.
  • Create a clear and reduced structure, paying attention to clear and uniform formatting. Set headings, prices, paragraphs and word and line spacing consistently.
  • Nice words of welcome and a brief introduction to your establishment can be a pleasant introduction to your drinks menu.
  • Find out about the correct declaration of ingredients and additives contained in your drinks.
  • You can also add daily offers and news on an extra sheet that you can replace or remove at any time.
  • If required, you can also produce your standard drinks menu in other languages. An English version is recommended.

What our customers say

Our menus arrived here yesterday... ...we opened the package together with our restaurant manager... ... and... ...were generally... ...and also with the red tone.... .... very satisfied :):):) Thank you for your patience!
Hotel Weitmeer
Christiane S.
Thank you very much for the quick processing. The cards have arrived and turned out beautifully J I would also like to thank you again for the uncomplicated ordering and processing.
LaudaMotion Executive GmbH
Katarina B., Head of Cabin
THANK YOU ..the cards are PERFECT become
Family H.
I would like to thank you very much for the smooth processing of our order. As last time, the folders were to our complete satisfaction. Thank you for your efforts to ensure a fast delivery date. I look forward to working with you in the future.
Isabell H., Concierge & Customer Services