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Buy professional wine lists

Those who offer first-class wines should also present them in a first-class manner. Preferably with their own wine lists. This is probably a matter of course for wine shops, but upmarket restaurants and hotels also benefit from professional wine lists. Separate wine lists emphasize the quality of the wine on offer, giving it a higher status. Wine lovers and connoisseurs in particular will thank you with a high level of satisfaction, recognition and an extra glass consumed.

Wine lists from UHL-Menu

Of course, your wine lists should be consistent with the ambience. If you are a restaurateur and therefore perhaps also offer food, your drinks menu should stand out from your menu. With the UHL-Menu drinks menus, you have various design options in terms of material, size, format and colors. Our drinks menus are available in different materials: leather, wood, artificial leather, synthetic or linen, A4 / A5 format or in intermediate sizes.

As the range of wines on offer can change constantly, we also offer wine lists in a flexible design, where you can not only change the individual inserts, but also vary the number of pages. Browse through our range and choose the design that best suits your catering business.

Of course, we can also customize your wine lists with individual lettering or your own logo embossing. With a customized finish, you can give your folder that certain touch of personality and impress your guests visually. The one-color embossing on your drinks menu is included with orders of 25 or more.

Order wine lists online

Have you found a suitable wine list in our range? We will be happy to send you a non-binding sample from our stock so that you can experience the feel and functionality of the wine list.

We are also happy to give you tips and help you choose the ideal wine list. Our team is on hand to provide you with expert advice on ordering, delivery and shipping. Simply give us a call or fill out our contact form online.

Advantages of UHL wine lists

Individual design

Our manufactory produces wine lists that are individually adapted to your ambience. We offer you a wide range of design options in terms of materials, sizes, formats and colors. Our wine lists are available in various designs such as leather, wood, artificial leather, synthetic or linen. When selecting the format, you can choose from our wide range of standard formats – special formats are possible for most models. The wine list is also embossed, giving it additional recognition value and elegance.

High-quality craftsmanship

Since 1982, experts have been producing menus and drinks menus by hand in our manufactory. From the very beginning, our aim was to produce the cards exclusively from high-quality materials. We attach particular importance to precise, skillful craftsmanship and thus to high-quality workmanship. The end product should meet our and your quality standards.


A UHL wine list should present wines to your guests for as long as possible. The quality of the card must guarantee that it retains its high-quality look and feel with daily use and under external influences. Thanks to our experience, the processing of high-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship, UHL wine cards can guarantee exceptional durability. That way, they will stay with you for as long as possible.

Easy to clean

Of course, the care and cleaning of our wine lists is also uncomplicated. The materials used for covers and surfaces are water and grease repellent and wipeable.

Formats & Systems

We offer you a wide selection of card types, formats and systems. Each choice brings individual advantages and gives your menu additional character. You can choose between portrait or landscape format, bound or flexible, hard or soft cover.

Design claim

In addition to high-quality materials and workmanship, the quality of a wine list also includes a functional design. Design that bears your style and your signature. Only when look, feel and function complement each other can UHL wine lists work in the intended gastronomy concept. Our various card models offer the ideal conditions for meeting your design requirements.

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Create a wine list

How do you write a wine list?

Wine lists serve to inform your guests and are also a valuable sales tool. A good structure and the right language will help you to skillfully combine these two goals.
First organize your wine list according to categories such as the type of wine, i.e. red wines, white wines and the other special features of your wine cellar. With regard to the type of wine, we recommend listing by region. Proceed from near to far or from north to south.

Describe your range of wines in short, concise words. Depending on your guests, it is advisable to stick closer to the familiar wine language or to consciously deviate from it. If your restaurant conveys a trendy image, then the language of the wine list can also be based on the trend. List special wines with a story to tell early on the wine list. Many guests appreciate a short conversation with some background to the chosen wine.

How do I design a wine list?

A well-designed wine list knows how to convey a feeling of quality to the guest, both visually and haptically. Properly attuned, the guest will also appreciate the wines on offer. Therefore, do not set your wine list too narrowly and leave plenty of visual freedom. A clear typeface, where the guest does not have to reach for his reading glasses, supports the positive first impression.

Avoid thin inserts, which look cheap, as do manual deletions. Instead, choose a wine list in which you can easily insert new and updated pages. If you have frequently changing specialties, then present these wines on a traditional page. This means you only ever have to replace this one side. At the same time, your regular guests will quickly know where to find the current specialty.

What should be included on a wine list?

The guest himself can expect to find information about the quality of the wine, its origin and the type of wine on a wine list. As a drinks menu is legally a price list, there are also some mandatory details. In the case of wine, this includes the price and the quantity in the glass or bottle. A single, clear declaration is sufficient to indicate the currency and the VAT rate.

A single entry on the wine list should contain at least the vintage, the name or the place with the location of the wine. In addition, information about the grape variety, quality, taste, winemaker or bottler and growing region is useful and desirable. By indicating whether you are offering the wine by the bottle, quarter or glass, you save your guests from having to ask the sommelier and make the purchase decision easier.

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