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Application examples of food and drink menus

The great UHL variety offers you many options! Our special attention has always been on high-quality menus and wine lists. Browse through bestsellers and recommendations from our menus, boards and table tents for different applications!

Buy customized menus

If you want to buy high-quality menus, you do so with the aim of creating aesthetic accents with high functionality – for many years to come. First and foremost, of course, menus should provide information about the culinary offerings in your restaurant, and can also be updated on a daily basis with changing inserts. But enjoyment does not begin with the first bite. For us, enjoyment begins the moment the guest picks up the menu. Then, when he sees, feels, smells the card. A pleasure for all the senses.

Menus from UHL-Menu

The menus from UHL-Menu are available in many designs. Our menu folders are carefully crafted by hand. Menus made by hand impress with their elegant appearance and durability. In our range you will find menus made of wood, genuine leather, designer leather, linen or synthetic materials in different sizes and colors. Whether portrait or landscape format, for A4 or A5 paper, bound or flexible, softcover or hardcover – the choice is yours. As our menus are waterproof, greaseproof and wipeable, they are very robust and therefore durable. The menu folders in our range have various options for attaching the insert sheets: using press studs, book screws, clamping rails, cords or clasps. This makes it easy to change the pages of your menu card. On request, our menus are also available with an individual logo embossing.

Buy now or enquire

UHL-Menu stands for the careful production of high-quality menus in a large selection. Your menu is designed entirely according to your needs and wishes. We offer you two options:

  1. Model: Choose your menu from our model series. Our experts have put together menus from popular formats, materials and systems that meet the high standards of our customers. To help you make the best choice, you will find helpful descriptions for all options. Please ask for a sample or let us advise you without obligation.
  2. Individual: Configure your menu according to your individual wishes and requirements. Choose from numerous formats, materials, colors and systems. This will take you step by step to your unique UHL menu. You are also welcome to take advantage of our professional advice and experience. Work with us to design a menu that meets your expectations with great attention to detail. Emphasize your logo with embossing, printing or embroidery and enhance your card. Please send us a request for your individual UHL menu.

Advantages of UHL menus

UHL as a quality feature

With a UHL menu, you put a story in the hands of your guests: the story of your café, restaurant or hotel. The high-quality feel makes the quality of your food and drinks tangible. The choice of design tells who and what you are. Details characterize your traits. Even before the first course, your guests’ senses will be stimulated and lasting impressions left behind. Design a high-quality menu with UHL that tells your individual story.

The special quality of the UHL menus makes you want to order!

The perfect menu - "The Art of Menu"

The type of menu says a lot about its content. We want her to say everything. Make a conscious choice and we will support you. The right menu emphasizes its surroundings and vice versa. If you run a vegetarian restaurant with a small selection of food and drinks, you will be keen to create memories with a certain lightness. Unpretentious, charming. So choose a minimalist, modern design. Our “Snap Line” with a slim cover made of natural linen fabric is a wonderful choice here. Your restaurant is unique and so should be your menu.

High quality material

A menu from Uhl feels good! The feel of high-quality materials affects both the food and drinks presented and the impression and mood of your guests. Our UHL menus are handmade from high-quality and durable materials. Choose from different materials such as wood, leather or linen. Use the properties of the materials to your advantage. For example, a menu can be water-repellent and greaseproof or cover your food in soft or hard cover.

Design claim

In addition to the quality and function of our menus, we place high demands on high-quality design. A design that looks good, feels good and works for the corresponding gastronomy concept. A minimalist design is an essential stylistic device here and the ideal basis on which to build the individual character of a restaurant, café or pub. Each of our products has been designed with our experts. Their aim was and is to combine aesthetics, quality and function to meet our design standards.

Formats & Systems

Get to know our different card types, formats and systems. They give your menu character. Do you want portrait or landscape format, large or small, bound or flexible, hardcover or softcover? Each format and system allows you to take advantage of your benefits.

Flexible Karten

Change menu. Our various options for attaching insert sheets make it easy to change the menu in our menu folders. Choose from press studs, book screws, clamping rails, cords or clasps. We also offer solutions that allow entire interior elements to be changed.


With embossing or logo embossing, you can add your signature to the UHL menu. Let your logo speak for itself in an elegant way and let the high-quality look resonate. The embossing gives your menu character with recognition value. Good to know: If you order 25 of one type, you will already receive the single-color logo embossing included.

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Create a menu

How is a menu structured?

90% of guests do not know what they are going to eat before they enter a restaurant. As a result, visitors to your establishment are quite prepared to spend longer and more time looking at menus or drinks lists.

Pay attention to clear lines in the conception and design of your menu. Try to categorize meals and drinks. This classification can be based on the type of preparation, for example. The menus can be divided into soups, hot or cold starters, main courses and desserts.

This categorization can also be based on the choice of ingredients. Vegetarian, vegan, meat or fish dishes are just a few examples of sensible subdivisions. Also pay attention to allergy sufferers.

Take advantage of our service and the dispatch of free sample cards. In addition to the classic menu, we also offer numerous other products such as drinks menus, dessert menus and invoice folders.

What must a food and drink menu contain?

Since the EU Food Information Regulation came into force, information on the 14 main allergens must also be provided on restaurant menus. In addition to allergens, this information obligation also applies to ingredients that may cause food intolerances.

The information obligation applies to all ingredients for the production of which one of the 14 categories listed in the Official Journal of the European Union is used.

In addition to the option of including this information on your menu or drinks list, you can also provide information about the ingredients in a price list, on a notice board or on a sign near the food. This information is also available in electronic form.

A menu or drinks list should not only encourage consumption, but also serve as a service for the guest.

Whether leather or soft cover, black or wine red, menu or folder, find out more on our website.

What else do I need to consider with a menu?

There are other factors to consider when designing your own card. In addition to the habits and customs of your potential guests, also consider their purchasing power.

What you must not forget are your own possibilities and, above all, the existing infrastructure. Can my employees fulfill the wishes of my guests? Is my kitchen technically equipped to meet all the needs of my paying customers?

Last but not least, pay attention to the availability of food and ingredients when choosing your food and drinks. Are they always available or are they seasonal?

Be sure to involve your chef in the creation process and don’t promise anything on the menu that you can’t deliver on the plate or in the glass.

Think about our service and the dispatch of sample cards. Order a sample menu in advance from our pool of cards!

What our customers say

I've now come back from vacation a little late. The menu cards are here and what can I say???? I am speechless...... Beautiful!!!!!!! Bravo, Super!!!! This is exactly how I imagined it. Thank you very much
Mercure Hotels
Bianca B., Restaurant Supervisor
Thank you for the prompt response. The cards arrived today and, as usual, they are very beautiful and match our house. Thank you, and have a "peaceful" end to the year
Inn-Butchery HIRSCH
Herbert T.
Got the card yesterday, looks great thanks!
Gasthof Rupp
Toni and Gerti R.
Thank you for your message - we have already received the cards and are very happy about them! We like the cards - which are used as "wine books" at our 2-toque restaurant DER LUIS - very much. Many thanks for the smooth and fast processing! :)
Posthotel Thaller
Katharina A.