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Menus and drinks menus with water-repellent properties are interesting and sometimes necessary in the catering and hotel industry for indoor and outdoor areas. Especially in restaurants, beer gardens, spas and bathing areas, it is important that water cannot penetrate the material and damage the cards.

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Our range includes various materials that naturally protect against water, e.g. loden or linen fabrics as well as stable plastic films that repel water and dirt. This insensitivity of the surfaces to moisture, the professional processing and the UV resistance enable increased longevity of the food and drink menus.

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The advantages of the water-repellent cards are convincing both outdoors and indoors. The material protects against external influences such as wind, rain, UV radiation from the sun and also against grease and dirt. These features make our food and drink menus particularly easy to maintain and simplify everyday restaurant life. The menus can be cleaned quickly and easily. The menus also withstand regular cleaning with disinfectant with ease. For these reasons, our water-repellent, resistant cards are also popular in fast-paced bars, cafés and restaurants.


Our UHL products are made exclusively from high-quality materials of the highest quality. Water-repellent materials are part of the design options for our menus, drinks lists, wine folders, hotel folders and table displays. In addition, there are other resistant materials that ensure robustness and stability, closed edges and kink-resistant edges. In combination with professional processing by our UHL manufactory, these materials guarantee our products a long and durable life.