Individual menus

A special feature of our UHL manufactory is that we produce menus that are designed and finished according to your individual needs and preferences. This goes beyond the proposed model selection. This gives you a high-quality, unique piece that will stay with you for a long time.

We offer you a wide range of design options. You choose the ideal format and system, high-quality materials and, if you wish, an embossed menu. This process quickly leads you to your desired product, resulting in a UHL menu that bears your individual signature.

If you have any questions or would like advice, our experts will be happy to assist you. We will work with you to develop your perfect UHL menu.

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You have the option of configuring your menu according to your needs and wishes. Step by step, you can create your own personalized card. If required, you can also take advantage of our advice and experience. We would like to work with you to ensure that you receive a menu that meets your expectations. To test the menu in your location before purchasing, you can also request a sample of your individual UHL menu.

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Advantages of an individual UHL menu

UHL as a quality feature

Our UHL manufactory is known for the quality of our menus. Both the look and feel are decisive and convincing features. A menu is an important part of your guests’ experience. It enhances the experience in your location through its individuality and by picking up on your character. The high quality feel and design will make your guests feel the high standards you set for the quality of your food, drinks and customer service.

Individual menu - "The Art of Menu"

The art of an individual UHL menu lies in harmonizing the offer and presentation as authentically as possible. The look and feel should reflect what you and your team stand for. In a way, you are putting a piece of your conviction into the hands of your guests. Or you can see the card as a tasteful mouthpiece that speaks your language and represents you and your location. Adapt your individual card to your style and think about the effect you want it to have. With the right choice of our design options, you will get your perfect UHL menu.

Desire to order

A successful menu has an inviting and appetizing effect on guests. With its clear design, it should provide a good overview of the range and present it in an appealing way. Your aim should be to awaken your customers’ desire to order.

High quality material

Our UHL menus are handmade from high-quality and durable materials. The wide range of choices is the basis of a particularly individual menu. This allows you to adapt your menu to the style of your venue. Materials such as wood, leather or linen determine the character and expression of the menu. The different haptics also stimulate the sense of touch in different ways. Choose the optimum material according to your needs and preferences and use its properties to your advantage.

Design claim

We place high demands on the high-quality design of our menus. Look, feel and function should work together in every gastronomy concept. Reduced design plays a central role here. It is the foundation on which the individual character of your restaurant, café or pub is built. Your design decisions ultimately give a UHL menu its individual character, which meets your and our design requirements.

Flexible Karten

Many of our card models make it easy to change the menu. This makes you particularly flexible and spontaneous. The insert sheets are attached in such a way that you can change them quickly and adapt your offer at any time. There are also different fastening options: Press studs, screws or sleeves. We also offer solutions that allow you to replace entire interior parts.

Formats & Systems

You have the option of choosing from our various card types, formats and systems. Each format and system gives the menu additional character and brings its own advantages and features. Choose between portrait or landscape format, large or small, bound or flexible, hard or soft cover. Our experts will be happy to advise you so that you can make the right choice for your needs.

Logo embossing

Give your UHL menu your own individual character traits. Lettering, your logo and elements of your corporate design are ideal for high-quality embossing. This makes your menu unmistakably unique and part of your concept. Use embossing as a lingering recognition value. What’s more: if you order 25 pieces, the logo embossing is already included.


Material, format, design

We will be happy to advise you on the best choice of material and format. Together with the support of our experts, you will find out which features of the different models meet your needs. We will help you make the ideal choice.

Price, design and shipping

Do you have any questions about price, design or shipping? Take advantage of our team’s service and they will be happy to provide you with answers.


Delivery and shipping

We currently ship with DPD. Experience has shown that production and delivery times for our products are three to four weeks from order or order release. Delivery times and production times can be reduced on request.

Our delivery costs are variable and depend on the scope of delivery and the destination. The minimum amount for packaging and shipping is €20 for Austria and Germany.

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