Flexi Top

This model is both practical and robust. The external book screws on the back of the Flexi Top menu make it quick and easy to change the food and drink menu. The screws make it possible to insert individual sheets as well as transparent sheets – the page size is flexible. Closed edges and a crease-resistant border ensure durability, as do the tear-resistant backing and easy-care surfaces. This card is available for all standard film formats as well as for any desired paper format.

from € 30,00 FT2 high for perforated sheets (outer format 16x22.5 cm)
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Cover with crease-resistant and closed edges. Back specially reinforced and covered with durable material.

Book screws visible on the outside, which fix both perforated sheets and plastic films.

Any number of sheets or plastic films. Also possible for inner parts made of finished cardboard.

Available in gold / silver or without protective corners.

FT1 high for perforated sheets
FT1P high for brochure pockets
FT2 high for perforated sheets
FT2 landscape for perforated sheets
FT2P high for brochure pockets
FT2P landscape for brochure pockets
K2F for inside elements K2 portrait
K2F landscape for inside elements K2 landscape
K4F for inside elements K4 high
2 book screws
2 snaps
4 book screws
4 snaps
Clip card
Flat, black clip at the top with a width of 90mm
Flat, silver clip at the top with a width of 90mm
Insertion window play
Invoice box
Lines play
Magic play
Magnetic rail at top play
Magnetic rail at top & bottom play
Magnetic rail left & right play
Magnetic rail on the left play
Silver clip centered at the top with a width of 65mm
Slit play
Splint play

Our satisfied customers

Sorry that I am only getting in touch with you now, but we didn't finish assembling the new cards any earlier. Everything worked out wonderfully and the cards are well received, hopefully not too many patients will take them home as souvenirs.
ATOS Klinik Heidelberg GmbH & Co.
Stefan M., Head Chef
We have already received the menus and they meet our expectations 100%. Thank you very much.
Flowers - Fruit - Vegetables - Kalch
Franz K.
Thank you very much, the cards have just arrived. Everything looks very good, now comes the endurance test over the holidays. Kind regards from Lake Laach!
Seehotel Maria Laach
Mathias L., Restaurant Manager
Thank you very much for sending the menus so quickly. I am very satisfied, the quality is excellent, I can highly recommend your product.
Restaurant-Pizzeria Pavillon
Anna M.

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