Hotel room folder Anello

All information from a single source: the Anello guest folder is ideal for carefully storing your brochures, city maps, letterheads and envelopes. This is exactly what makes it an indispensable feature for any business.

The cover of the Anello ring binder is available on the outside in various high-quality materials such as linen, synthetic, artificial or genuine leather, lightly padded on request for a pleasant feel and optionally stitched with decorative stitching on the edges. As usual, a corner protector is available in either gold or silver.

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Hardcover in sturdy design with reinforced spine and closed edges. Cover is padded on request, covered with high-quality material and stitched at the edge with decorative stitching.

4-ring mechanism in the center. On the inside there are various slip-in flaps or pockets made of black linen, stitched at the edges with decorative stitching. On request with a rubber tab as a ballpoint pen holder on the right outer edge.

Available in gold / silver or without.

25,5 x 32
2 book screws
2 snaps
4 book screws
4 snaps
Clip card
Flat, black clip at the top with a width of 90mm
Flat, silver clip at the top with a width of 90mm
Insertion window play
Invoice box
Lines play
Magic play
Magnetic rail at top play
Magnetic rail at top & bottom play
Magnetic rail left & right play
Magnetic rail on the left play
Silver clip centered at the top with a width of 65mm
Slit play
Splint play

Our satisfied customers

I apologize for the late response. We are very satisfied with the menus. They have become really beautiful.
Fardi Restaurant
Jaber F.
Thank you very much, the cards have just arrived. Everything looks very good, now comes the endurance test over the holidays. Kind regards from Lake Laach!
Seehotel Maria Laach
Mathias L., Restaurant Manager
The cards have arrived and are already in use. We are very happy with the design and we like the cards very much. Many thanks for the friendly service and the prompt service.
Hotel Chur
Families S.
Enjoy your meal and thank you very much, The cards have arrived and look great. Thank you very much from Welle.
Wille's Inn
Christoph W. jun.

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