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A bar card is a bar’s business card. She turns her innermost self outwards. Alongside competent staff and an inviting interior, it is the mouthpiece of your philosophy. It should therefore also do justice to this. However, quality is not just a question of design, but also of durability. In bars in particular, it can happen that a glass of piña colada or whiskey spills over the bar menu every now and then. A mishap? Not if you opt for waterproof, greaseproof and wipeable bar cards. UHL bar cards meet these requirements of enormous importance.

Bar cards from UHL Menu

To reflect the style of the bar in your menu, UHL-Menus offers you a wide range of design options. Choose between different materials such as leather, wood, linen and synthetic materials – naturally in many colors or patterns and formats. You can also choose between bound or flexible cards when it comes to the system.

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Would you like to know what to look out for when buying bar tickets? Simply give us a call or fill out our contact form. We will be happy to advise you on the bar cards that are perfect for you. Once you have found a bar menu that you like and that meets your requirements, we will be happy to send you a sample. This way you can also experience the feel and see how the card will look in your bar.

Your advantages

Individuality and experience

Our bar menus match the ambience of the bar and your establishment. You have a wide range of options when designing your cards: choose your own materials, size, format, color and embossing. Customize the design according to your preferences. If your bar menu changes regularly, you can opt for a flexible bar menu. This allows you to change the insert sheets at any time using various practical systems.

Our experts at UHL-Manufaktur have been producing menus and drinks menus by hand since 1982. The focus is always on high-quality materials, skillful craftsmanship and beautiful and practical design. A UHL card should reflect your home and fully meet your quality requirements.

Material and quality

The high quality of the materials used and the many years of experience of our manufactory make it possible for us to produce high-quality bar cards that will last you a long time. Precise attention is paid to possible weak points during processing and production. Surfaces, edges and corners should retain their look and feel with daily use at the bar and under external influences such as liquids, salt and grease. Our customers have appreciated the durability of UHL cards for decades.

The care and cleaning of our bar cards is simple and uncomplicated. The materials used for covers and surfaces are water and grease repellent and wipeable.

Selection and design

We offer you a great selection of card types, formats and systems. Each choice brings individual advantages and gives your menu additional character. You can choose between portrait or landscape format, bound or flexible, hard or soft cover.

In addition to the demand for quality and function, our manufactory also attaches particular importance to design. You should receive the perfect menu for your bar, restaurant or hotel. The design reflects your style and the character of your home. Choose the best option for you and your guests from our various bar menus.

Logo embossing

Individual embossing makes your bar card unique and gives it a high-quality touch. Lettering and logos are often used for this purpose. What’s more, if you order 25 pieces, you will already receive the one-color logo embossing included.

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Design of the menu sheets

A high-quality bar menu presents your offer in your own way and with your standards of form and quality – you make this visible to guests when designing the bar menu. There are various points of reference that you can use here: Insert sheets should always be made of high-quality paper, especially if the paper can be felt by your guests. For complex prints, it is best to use the services of a print shop. Have your page templates created by professional graphic designers. Ideally, you will receive a template that you can adapt at any time using a program.

Clarity and effect

Opt for a calm and minimalist design. Avoid decorative elements and embellishments that overload the room. Choose a font that suits your restaurant or hotel concept. Above all, a legible font is important. You can also choose different fonts for headings and continuous text or descriptions. It is best to test the effect of your choice in advance with a test print.

Customer-oriented content

Create a clear and reduced structure, paying attention to clear and uniform formatting. Set headings, prices, paragraphs and word and line spacing consistently. Nice words of welcome and a brief introduction to your bar can be a pleasant introduction to your bar menu.

What our customers say

The cards have arrived. Thank you very much! They look super nice and correspond to what I had in mind. We will be putting the menu cards into operation today or tomorrow, after which their functionality will be proven. I have no concerns about this either. Thank you once again for your good advice and impeccable service. I wish you a happy festive season and a good start to 2016. Kind regards from Adelboden.
Café Haueter
Marc & Susan H.
I would like to thank you very much for the smooth processing of our order. As last time, the folders were to our complete satisfaction. Thank you for your efforts to ensure a fast delivery date. I look forward to working with you in the future.
Isabell H., Concierge & Customer Services
The cards have arrived and look great!
Privathotels Dr. Lohbeck GmbH & Co KG
Ulla S., restaurant manager
Thank you so much for the beautiful menus!!! There are only positive reactions from the employees, everyone is very enthusiastic. VERY nice!!!! Now we have to finish putting together the new dishes as quickly as possible so that our guests can enjoy this feast for the eyes :)
Matthias J.