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Choice between embossing, printing & embroidery

You can choose between embossing, printing or embroidering your logo on your menus. Embossing the restaurant logo is the much more popular option compared to printing, accounting for around 90 percent of all requests. This is mainly due to the universal applicability of the process, from which you benefit on every surface and every material of the menus in our range.

If you require offset or DigiPrint printing, we currently offer printing on cardboard series as a solution that can be implemented in-house. If you are interested in printing on other materials, please contact us personally. We would be happy to discuss the technical and design options with you.

What colors and effects are available?

We currently offer the following standard colors for embossing your logo on your menus:

– Gold
– silver
– Black
– White
– Red
– Green
– Blue
– Turquoise

Our “blind” and “blind glossy” versions are a popular effect on a menu without coloring the surface. With these, the material is merely deepened as with a classic relief without additional coloring. If you are interested in special colors, we will be happy to implement them for you for a small surcharge.

Optimally prepare your logo for embossing

Embossing involves creating an embossing stamp that transfers your logo to the surface of the material using pressure and temperature. As a rule, the logo is embossed in one color and can be recognized like a relief on the menu or wine list. The implementation of a multicolored logo is technically possible, but a separate embossing stamp must be created for each color.

Please note that additional costs are incurred for the creation of each additional color stamp. As the outline of the logo including the lettering of your restaurant is often sufficient for embossing, a single, one-color embossing stamp usually meets the requirements of our customers.

Please note that it may not be technically possible to display extremely fine lines with embossing. It is also not possible to display 3D effects of a logo or color gradients within the scope of embossing. In practice, however, this represents hardly any recognizable restrictions for our customers.

How do we invoice follow-up orders?

After the realization of your first order, we archive the cliché for you. The stamp is then available for your new order or repeat orders, so there is no need to redraw your motif. You don’t have to worry about corresponding costs for your follow-up orders, so you only pay for the new menus and the embossing on each individual copy.

What does embossing cost?

It is generally possible to apply an embossed logo to your menus from just one copy. For 1-color embossing, up to 25 cards of one type with a one-off embossing flat rate will incur costs of EUR 75.00. From 25 menus, the flat rate is already included.

As part of your first order, we create an embossing stamp, for which we need a final artwork of the logo in black and white as a basis. The final artwork should be available as an eps or cdr file. We charge a one-off minimum price of 69.00 euros for the production of this cliché, provided the format of the stamp does not exceed 30 square centimetres. The price for larger stamp formats is € 2.30 /cm².

Why a logo enhancement for your menu

The logo of your restaurant or hotel is a unique trademark with a high recognition value. The symbol should be present in as many places as possible in order to strengthen customer loyalty and create a feeling of trust and exclusivity.

By displaying your logo on your menus, menu cards, wine lists or drinks lists, you can transform them into an individual eye-catcher that stands out from the simple menu cards of conventional restaurants. Complemented by an attractive design on the inside of the card, your guests’ enjoyment and pleasure begin at the first glance at this uniquely designed object.

Optimally prepare your logo for printing

If you have a multicolored logo, printing is the ideal alternative to embossing. In this form, it may not be possible to use embossing in a single color to correctly identify all the details and character of your restaurant logo. If you opt for one of our printing processes, any logo implementation is possible.

When printing your logo on menus, there is no need to create the embossing stamp. Please send us an individual request so that we can quickly inform you of the individual printing costs incurred.

What should the logo look like technically?

We prefer the transmission of a vector file. This enables us to make minimal and proportional adjustments for optimum presentation on your menus before printing or embossing. However, if you have a high-quality template in PDF format with a good resolution, this is usually just as suitable as a basis for finishing your menus.

Which card goes with which finish?

For an exclusive and high-quality effect of your logo print or embossing, the format and material of the menus or drinks menu are of course also important. Here, our company offers you numerous inspirations for selecting new cards to suit your gastronomy.

Our range offers you a wide spectrum of colors, materials and dimensions with which you can give your restaurant, hotel or other gastronomic establishment a special flair.

If you have any questions about individual processes or items in our range, we will be happy to provide you with competent and friendly advice!