Menu cards as a success factor: How the right design can boost your restaurant

Markus Sampl
27. February 2024

Von der Erstberatung, bis hin zur Bemusterung und Ausführung der gewünschten Produkte ein immer zuvorkommendes und engagiertes Team im Hintergrund. Qualität und Preis stimmen sich einander ab. Absolute Weiterempfehlung!

Stephanie Brolli
17. February 2024

Wir möchten unsere überaus positive Erfahrung mit der Firma Uhl teilen. Von Anfang bis Ende war die Zusammenarbeit äußerst professionell und hochwertig. Besonders beeindruckt sind wir von den hochwertigen Karten für unser Wirtshaus, darunter die Speisekarte, Dessertkarte, Weinkarte und Rechnungsboxen. Die Qualität der Materialien und die Liebe zum Detail sind unübertroffen. Darüber hinaus hat uns die Beratung und die Umsetzung unserer individuellen Wünsche vollends überzeugt. Es ist eine wahre Freude, mit einem Partner wie der Firma Uhl zusammenzuarbeiten, der so engagiert und kundenorientiert arbeitet. Wir möchten uns herzlich bei der gesamten Firma sowie bei Frau Schadler bedanken und freuen uns bereits auf zukünftige Projekte. Immer wieder gerne! Herzlichen Dank und beste Grüße aus der Südsteiermark Stephanie Brolli – Weinrefugium Brolli

Helmut Bang
12. February 2024

Von der Top Beratung, über die Zusendung von Muster, über die problemlose Bestellung bis zur Lieferung und Bezahlung der absolut, qualitativ hochwertig verarbeiteten Speisenkarten bin ich sehr angenehm überrascht. Sie werten unser stilvolles Ambiente im Restaurant noch einmal auf. Unsere Gäste sind begeistert, und behandeln unsere Speisenkarten auch als etwas Besonderes!!!

Carina Peer
1. June 2022

• Schnelle, unkomplizierte Abwicklung • Super Kompetent • Sehr freundlich und kundenorientiert • Top Qualität

Roman R.
17. February 2022

Liebes UHL-Team! Danke – alles PERFEKT – sind wunderschön geworden! Danke für die gute Zusammenarbeit.

Michaela Pfleger
30. November 2021

Sehr gute, freundliche und kompetente Beratung, unsere Vorstellungen wurden perfekt umgesetzt und sogar noch übertroffen 😊. Wir hatten für mehrere Hotel- und Gastronomiebetriebe eine Gemeinschaftsproduktion, welche zur großen Zufriedenheit aller professionell umgesetzt wurde. Die hohe Qualität der Produkte spricht für sich. Großes Lob dem UHL Team!

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    The importance of high-quality design is highly valued in the industry. Menu cards or menus are tailor-made to be not only informative but also a visual delight. With handcrafted top quality and customized service, designs are created that perfectly match different ambiences and customer requirements.

    Whether for an elegant wedding, a festive christening, a special celebration or a business dinner, the menu cards help to make every event unforgettable.

    By taking personal preferences into account and viewing each menu as a small work of art, an atmosphere is created that guests will appreciate and enjoy. The use of high-quality materials and the latest printing technology ensures durability and an outstanding presentation of the food and drinks on offer.

    Open menu card

    How do I design appealing menu cards?

    To create appealing menu cards or drinks menus that impress your visitors and at the same time represent your brand (and of course your menu), you should follow a few important design principles.

    Tailor-made solutions based on decades of experience and a deep understanding of the interplay between inspiration, aesthetics and functionality can be an advantage here.

    Choose a suitable format and design: Decide on a format that suits your restaurant or event. Whether traditional, modern or creative, the design should reflect the personality of your company.

    You can view a variety of designs, from simple and elegant to vibrant and colorful, including the option to include a photo or graphics.

    Use high-quality materials: The quality of the paper and printing technique not only influences the feel, but also the effect your menu card has on guests. High-quality materials convey an impression of luxury and care.

    Ensure a clear structure: a well-structured menu card guides guests intuitively through your offer or menu and makes it easier for them to choose. Design the content clearly and use clear, understandable language.

    Set visual accents: Pictures of food can whet the appetite and arouse interest. A professional photo of your signature dishes can have a positive influence on guests’ decisions.

    Integrate your branding: Your menu cards should incorporate your logo, colors and style to reinforce your brand identity. This creates a coherent experience for your guests and makes your brand recognizable.

    Offer an excellent service: In addition to design, service is crucial. A comprehensive service includes not only the delivery of the products, but also support with the design. The aim is to deliver cards that perfectly match your gastronomic concept.

    Achten Sie im Restaurant auf die Gestaltung der Menükarte?

    How often should menu cards be updated?

    The frequency with which menus should be updated depends on various factors, including the type of restaurant, seasonal offers and the preferences of your guests. It is recommended that you regularly review and adapt your cards to ensure that they are always up-to-date and appealing to your guests. For events such as a wedding, it is important to adapt the menu cards to the respective celebration.

    Seasonal updates: For restaurants that use seasonal ingredients, it makes sense to update your menu at least with the change of seasons. This not only shows your commitment to freshness and quality, but also provides an excellent opportunity to surprise your customers with new dishes time and again. This also applies to wine lists.

    New trends and feedback: Gastronomic trends can also play a role. It is worth testing innovative dishes and listening to feedback from guests. If certain dishes are particularly popular or not well received, the menu should be adapted accordingly.

    Special occasions and events: For special events such as weddings, birthdays or holidays, it is often necessary to create special cards. This offers the opportunity to offer food and drinks specially tailored to the event and to customize the menu.

    Regular reviews: Even if your offer remains stable, it is recommended that you review your menu at least once a year. This gives you the chance to remove outdated information, change a photo here and there, make price adjustments and keep the design fresh and modern.

    A comprehensive service and many years of experience in regularly updating menus can help to ensure that your menus always meet the highest standards and delight your guests. The Uhl company is the right address if you are planning to buy menus or menus.

    What about the continued existence of classic menu cards in times of digitalization?

    The advantages of classic menu cards, such as wooden menus, and drinks menus over digital cards depend primarily on the specific atmosphere and concept of a restaurant (or wedding). Here are some reasons why classic menu cards might be preferred:

    • Personal touch: Classic menus can be part of the overall experience in a restaurant. They allow the design and material to be selected to match the aesthetics and atmosphere of the location.
    • Accessibility: Not every guest is tech-savvy or has the necessary equipment to use digital menu cards. Older people often find traditional menu cards easier to handle.
    • No technical problems: With classic menu cards, there are no risks of technical faults that can occur with digital systems (e.g. poor internet connection, flat batteries, system crashes).
    • Faster decisions: Guests can often scroll through a physical map and make decisions faster without having to navigate through layers of menus on a digital device.
    • Cost efficiency: Although the creation of classic menus incurs initial costs, there are no ongoing costs for software updates and technical maintenance that could be incurred with digital menus.
    • No distractions: Traditional menu boards don’t distract visitors with additional digital content that could be presented on digital devices, promoting a more sociable and interactive experience at the table.

    Overall, classic menu cards offer a familiar and often more user-friendly option for guests who value tradition and ease of use.

    Open menu card

    How much do professional menu cards cost?

    The cost of professional menu cards and place cards varies greatly depending on factors such as design, choice of material, printing technique and print run. Every catering business is unique, and customized solutions can be offered that are specifically tailored to your needs and wishes.

    Design: Custom designs can be simpler or more complex depending on the desired visual elements and the amount of customization, which directly affects the price.

    Materials: The choice of high-quality paper and other materials, such as leather or metal for exclusive menus, also influences the costs. High-quality materials increase the longevity and appearance of your cards.

    Printing techniques: Special printing techniques such as embossing, hot foil printing or digital printing can be used to make your menu cards stand out. These techniques vary in price and can increase the cost depending on the option chosen.

    Print run: The number of menu cards to be printed also plays a role. A larger print run can reduce unit costs, as many print shops offer volume discounts.

    As specific needs and requirements vary greatly, no flat-rate prices are offered. Instead, we recommend contacting us for a personal consultation. During this meeting, your ideas can be discussed in detail and your questions answered so that we can then provide you with an offer that is tailored precisely to your requirements and budget.


    Menu cards and place cards are an indispensable element of any catering establishment and make a decisive contribution to the dining experience. They not only serve to list food and drinks, but also stylishly showcase the culinary offerings.

    Designing an effective menu card requires the use of high-quality materials, individual design and a clear structure.

    Visual accents such as professional photos and a strong brand identity arouse interest and strengthen recognition. Regular updates are essential to keep up with seasonal trends and guest feedback and to keep the offer fresh and appealing.

    The cost of professional menu cards varies depending on the design, choice of material, printing technique and print run, with customized solutions offering considerable added value.

    A comprehensive service that includes not only product delivery but also design support is crucial to developing menus that perfectly match the gastronomic concept and impress guests.

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