Table displays: the perfect way to showcase your offers

Markus Sampl
27. February 2024

Von der Erstberatung, bis hin zur Bemusterung und Ausführung der gewünschten Produkte ein immer zuvorkommendes und engagiertes Team im Hintergrund. Qualität und Preis stimmen sich einander ab. Absolute Weiterempfehlung!

Stephanie Brolli
17. February 2024

Wir möchten unsere überaus positive Erfahrung mit der Firma Uhl teilen. Von Anfang bis Ende war die Zusammenarbeit äußerst professionell und hochwertig. Besonders beeindruckt sind wir von den hochwertigen Karten für unser Wirtshaus, darunter die Speisekarte, Dessertkarte, Weinkarte und Rechnungsboxen. Die Qualität der Materialien und die Liebe zum Detail sind unübertroffen. Darüber hinaus hat uns die Beratung und die Umsetzung unserer individuellen Wünsche vollends überzeugt. Es ist eine wahre Freude, mit einem Partner wie der Firma Uhl zusammenzuarbeiten, der so engagiert und kundenorientiert arbeitet. Wir möchten uns herzlich bei der gesamten Firma sowie bei Frau Schadler bedanken und freuen uns bereits auf zukünftige Projekte. Immer wieder gerne! Herzlichen Dank und beste Grüße aus der Südsteiermark Stephanie Brolli – Weinrefugium Brolli

Helmut Bang
12. February 2024

Von der Top Beratung, über die Zusendung von Muster, über die problemlose Bestellung bis zur Lieferung und Bezahlung der absolut, qualitativ hochwertig verarbeiteten Speisenkarten bin ich sehr angenehm überrascht. Sie werten unser stilvolles Ambiente im Restaurant noch einmal auf. Unsere Gäste sind begeistert, und behandeln unsere Speisenkarten auch als etwas Besonderes!!!

Carina Peer
1. June 2022

• Schnelle, unkomplizierte Abwicklung • Super Kompetent • Sehr freundlich und kundenorientiert • Top Qualität

Roman R.
17. February 2022

Liebes UHL-Team! Danke – alles PERFEKT – sind wunderschön geworden! Danke für die gute Zusammenarbeit.

Michaela Pfleger
30. November 2021

Sehr gute, freundliche und kompetente Beratung, unsere Vorstellungen wurden perfekt umgesetzt und sogar noch übertroffen 😊. Wir hatten für mehrere Hotel- und Gastronomiebetriebe eine Gemeinschaftsproduktion, welche zur großen Zufriedenheit aller professionell umgesetzt wurde. Die hohe Qualität der Produkte spricht für sich. Großes Lob dem UHL Team!

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    At Uhl Menu, we offer customized stands for tables that are specially tailored to the needs and requirements of professionals in the catering and hotel industry. Our table displays are made from a variety of materials, including high-quality acrylic, elegant aluminum and classic wood.

    Each piece is carefully handcrafted to be not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing. The table displays are used to prominently present menus, wine lists or current offers and can also be used as elegant invoice folders. The use of transparent acrylic glass creates a modern and appealing look that attracts the attention of guests and thus helps to increase customer satisfaction and sales.

    For more information on our products, customization options and prices, we invite you to visit our store or contact us directly. We are always available for a personal consultation to find the perfect solution for your needs.

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    The garden of an inn provides shade

    What are the advantages of a table display?

    Items such as folders or table displays offer numerous advantages that make them an indispensable part of any restaurant or hotel business. At Uhl Menu, we understand the importance of these products and ensure that they are not only functional but also visually appealing. Similar to business cards, there are also exclusive variants for brochure stands.

    Here are some of the most important advantages of table displays:

    Increased visibility: Table displays place important information such as menus, special offers or event information directly in front of the guests. This increases the likelihood that the information will be noticed and read.

    Versatility: Table stands are available in various materials such as acrylic, aluminum, plastic and wood, which makes them suitable for different ambiences and styles. They can be easily adapted to special events or specific needs.

    Customized design: We offer tailor-made solutions that make it possible to design table displays exactly according to your wishes and requirements. Each product therefore reflects the company’s image and brand.

    Price: Table displays are a cost-effective method of advertising and sharing information. They are durable and can be used again and again, making them a profitable long-term investment.

    Cleaning and care: Our brochure stands are designed to be easy to clean and maintain. This is particularly important in the catering and hotel industry, where cleanliness and hygiene are top priorities.

    For more details on our products and how they can benefit your business, please contact us. We look forward to supporting you with top-quality handmade products that will impress your guests.

    Why are table displays important in the hospitality industry?

    Table displays play an essential role in the hospitality industry by effectively enhancing the customer experience. We at Uhl Menu recognize the importance of these practical tools and offer tailor-made solutions that are precisely adapted to the needs of our customers. Here are some reasons why table displays are so important in the hospitality industry:

    Direct communication: Table displays enable direct communication with guests. They can be used effectively to bring menus, daily specials or drinks offers directly to the table, which encourages guests to order more and try new dishes.

    Promotion of offers: By strategically placing table displays, restaurants can advertise special offers or events in a targeted manner. This not only boosts sales, but also increases interest in recurring events and promotions.

    Guest experience: A well-designed display can enhance the entire experience in a restaurant or café. It contributes to the atmosphere and can strengthen the brand identity by helping to shape the appearance of the restaurant.

    Increased efficiency: Table displays help staff to work more efficiently by allowing guests to get a quick overview of what is on offer, which in turn speeds up ordering processes and increases satisfaction.

    Adaptability: Our table displays are available in different materials and designs, which makes them highly adaptable. Whether you prefer a rustic, modern or classic format, we have the right solution for you.

    Kennen Sie die österreichische Wirtshaustradition?

    We pride ourselves on offering our customers products of the highest quality that are not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing. Contact us for advice on how our table displays can add value to your catering business.

    How can I design or personalize my design or personalize my table displays?

    The design and personalization of table displays is a key aspect in underlining the identity of your restaurant and creating an inviting atmosphere for your guests. We offer you a wide range of options for customizing your table displays. Here are some ways you can personalize your table displays:

    Choice of materials: You can choose from a variety of materials, including acrylic, wood, aluminum and plastic. Each material offers different aesthetic and functional properties that can be selected according to the ambience and style of your premises.

    Color scheme: Match the colors of your table displays to the color scheme of your restaurant. Acrylic glass is transparent and offers a modern look, while wood adds warmth and a natural texture.

    When designing and personalizing brochure stands, we offer a wide range of options to ensure that each product fits perfectly with your catering business. You can choose from various materials such as acrylic, wood and plastic, depending on which aesthetic and functional properties you prefer and which best suit the ambience of your premises.

    An effective way to strengthen brand presence is to integrate your logo or other brand-specific graphics. We can print these directly onto the table stands, making each stand an important part of your marketing strategy.

    The content of your table displays can be fully customized to your needs, whether you want to highlight menu items, promotions or informative messages. The text layout will meet your specific requirements and can be updated regularly to keep pace with seasonal menus or special events.

    The shape and size of the table stands can vary to meet different functional needs and fit seamlessly into the overall look of your table design. Additional functions such as brochure stands or an integrated clock can also be added to extend the functionality and improve the user experience for your guests.

    We at Uhl Menu attach great importance to offering you articles of the highest quality and individuality. Each table display is carefully handcrafted to ensure that it meets your exact requirements. We invite you to learn more about our personalized solutions and how we can help you optimize your visual presentation in the hospitality industry. Get in touch with us.

    How do I use table stands effectively?

    The effective use of table displays can significantly improve the guest experience while enhancing brand presence within your hospitality business. We not only offer customized table displays, but also valuable tips on how you can make the best use of them.

    First of all, it is important to choose the placement of the table displays carefully. They should be positioned in clearly visible places on the tables where they can be easily seen by guests without being distracting.

    Ideally, they should be placed in the middle of the table or at other strategic points where they can attract attention without detracting from the dining area.

    The content on the table displays should be clear and appealing. Use appealing visuals and a clear message to highlight offers, menus or special events. It is important that the texts are short and concise so that guests can grasp important information at a glance.

    Another aspect is the timeliness of the information. Ensure that the content on the table displays is updated regularly to always provide relevant and up-to-date information. This is particularly important for special offers, seasonal menus or upcoming events.

    You can also increase the interactivity of the table displays by integrating QR codes, for example, which guests can scan to obtain further information, make reservations or leave feedback.

    This not only increases customer loyalty, but also offers a modern and technologically advanced component that is particularly popular with younger guests.

    Finally, you should maintain the table displays regularly and ensure that they are always clean and in good condition. This reflects the professionalism and quality standards of your company.

    At Uhl Menu, we are always ready to advise you on all aspects of the design and use of your table displays to ensure they bring maximum benefit to your business. Contact us for a personal consultation and discover how our products can enhance your guest experience and brand presence.

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    Cosiness and hospitality are very important in Austrian inns



    Table displays are versatile advertising media that are used in the catering and hotel industry for the effective presentation of menus, special offers and event information. Uhl Menu offers customized table displays made of various materials such as acrylic, aluminium, plastic and wood, which are individually tailored to the customer’s ambience and brand.

    These displays promote direct communication with guests and improve the customer experience with attractive and informative content. They are cost-efficient, durable and easy to clean, which makes them particularly suitable for use in the catering and hotel industry. Strategic placement and regular updating of content maximizes its visibility and relevance. Uhl Menu stands for tailor-made solutions that optimize the appearance and efficiency of catering establishments.

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